To speak to a dementia advisor

Call our Supporter Care line on 01534 723519 or email

For support for carers

Call Wendy Munn on 07829 772 200 or email

For fundraising and media enquiries

Call Nadine Jagger on 07829 772 203 or email

For activities or volunteering

Call Susie Kelly on 07797 952 403 or email

For finance

Call Wendy Buckley on 07829 772 207 or email

Drop in

Our offices in town are open 10.00am – 2.00pm Monday to Friday.

Our address is:

Dementia Jersey,
Osprey House,
Old Street,
St Helier,

One of our staff will be there to assist you with a range of information or help you book an appointment with one of our Dementia Advisors who can provide in-depth information and advice and recommend further sources of support.

Alternatively email on


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