People with dementia do not always have the same symptoms. This is because, particularly in the early stages, different types of dementia usually have different symptoms, and people may respond to the changes they are experiencing differently.


These are some of the common symptoms people may have:

  • Problems remembering things that happened quite recently
  • Repeating things or asking the same question many times
  • Problems concentrating or working things out
  • Finding it harder than usual to do routine tasks
  • Problems finding the right word
  • Problems following conversations
  • Getting lost in familiar place
  • Problems judging distances
  • Finding they are more anxious, sad, irritable, or frightened
  • Changes in their personality or the way they react to things

It is important to note that not everyone will experience all these symptoms, but later on these may become more noticeable and affect the person more. This may make it harder for them to do the activities we all do each day like washing, choosing which clothes to wear, and cooking.

As dementia progresses, the person with dementia and their families caring for them are likely to need the help and support of various health care professionals. These professionals can help care for the person in their own home or in residential care. Support is also available in Jersey for the family and friends of people with dementia.