Strategic Direction 2023-2025

We urgently need to set in motion a step change now in the way people with dementia and their families are supported in Jersey. To achieve this our bold strategy sets us on an ambitious growth path in the next three years and beyond.

It aims to ensure the following outcomes:

  • People with dementia feel supported and understood.
  • Carers feel equipped to support those they care for.
  • Healthcare professionals have the systems in place and the knowledge they need to care for people with dementia.
  • A Jersey Dementia Strategy is agreed and implemented.
  • Islanders understand dementia.

There are many battles to be fought to achieve these outcomes and people with dementia tell us that public services aren’t currently meeting their needs and they regularly encounter negative attitudes about dementia. To achieve this over the next three years we plan to significantly grow the charity to keep pace with demand and increase our influence where it matters.

We will work in partnership with Government to take forward the Jersey Dementia Strategy and put in motion plans to improve services, systems and processes. In particular championing a person-centred approach which prioritises mutual respect and understanding to reach positive outcomes. We will offer more flexible support to people with dementia and those who care for them from a new Support Hub. We will build on our hugely popular programme of therapeutic events, roll out a first class certification programme for businesses to grow their understanding of dementia, deliver more awareness sessions to schools and much needed training and support for carers; all so we can reach more of the estimated 1600 people with dementia in Jersey and their families.

Join us on our journey and read our strategy to find out more.