Information for people with dementia

We understand that getting a diagnosis of dementia is different for everyone. For some people this can be daunting and emotionally overwhelming, whilst other people have described some sense of relief that they finally have answers for the symptoms they have been experiencing. What will be most important is that you do not stop doing the things you enjoy and that you maintain your friendships and social life. It will also be important that you make sure your affairs are in order and, when you feel comfortable to do so, to let your family and friends know about your diagnosis.

It’s good to talk – and we are here to listen

If you think it would be helpful to talk through any difficulties you are experiencing or concerns you may have for the future, our Dementia Advisors would be pleased to meet with you, so do call or email us at Dementia Jersey to make an appointment. Tel: 01534 723519 or Email:

If you would like to speak at greater depth about any issues that are troubling you related to your diagnosis, we also offer a confidential counselling service.  To speak with a counsellor please email or Tel: 01534 723519 to make an appointment.

Managing symptoms

Many people also want to find new ways to cope with the symptoms they are experiencing and to look for ways to stay healthy and to stimulate their memory and thinking skills.

The Meeting Place Project is a group for people with a recent diagnosis or with mild symptoms of dementia, which gives them the opportunity to meet others and share experiences. This groups also helps people find new ways to manage symptoms, explore ways to exercise their memory, improve thinking skills, build self-esteem, and keep their bodies healthy. If you are interested in joining this group, please call or email Dan, our Meeting Place Project leader to find out more.  Tel: 07829772204 or Email:

Staying active and meeting others

Dementia Jersey also provides a whole range of other therapeutic and social activities for people with dementia to enjoy along with a relative or friend. These include, Splashchat a swimming group (followed by good coffee and chat), an art group, music groups, including our most popular Musical Memories, a petanque club, a walking group, a gardening club at our allotment, S Club (a gentle exercise class) and our fun and games groups East and West. Find out more here.

Because we know it is so important for people with dementia to keep active and to enjoy a good social life, we are always in the process of designing new activities – so – watch this space for news or let us know what you might like us to do next!