The Meeting Place Project

Helping you to adapt to a diagnosis of dementia.

At Dementia Jersey we understand that getting a diagnosis of dementia is different for everyone. 

For some people this can be daunting and emotionally overwhelming, whilst other people have described some sense of relief
that they finally have answers for the symptoms they have been experiencing.

Many people with dementia want to find ways to cope with these symptoms, look for ways to stay healthy and
stimulate their memory and thinking skills.

This is why we've created The Meeting Place Project.

The project offers varied sessions that provide an opportunity to share experiences and talk with other people in similar situations. 
We also explore ways to stimulate memory and thinking skills, build self-esteem and keep our bodies healthy. 

Currently we host two Meeting Place projects, both are morning sessions running Monday and Friday both 10:00am – 12:30pm

Mondays The Salvation Army, Minden Place – parking Minden Place car park

Fridays Samares Methodist Church, Green Island – parking Green Island car park

The groups are run by our Charity’s Meeting Place coordinator Dan Du Heaume and Meeting Place clinical consultant Diane Saralis.

Wondering whether this group is right for you?

The meeting place is:

A group for people with mild symptoms of dementia
A place to meet others with dementia for advice and support
Learn about symptoms and ways to manage them.
Take part in brain stimulating activities, including language and number games, discussions about living with dementia, and light physical exercise.

Please note a diagnosis of dementia and a good level of independence is required to join the meeting place project.

To apply please complete the application form which can be found here 

Suitability for the group will then be explored through a follow-up face-to-face interview.

Membership is reviewed periodically and due to the progressive nature of dementia there may come a time when members no longer qualify for the group; in this situation people will be consulted and supported into other activities offered by Dementia Jersey if they wish to do so.

For an informal discussion email Meeting Place Coordinator or call Dementia Jersey.


To find out more contact Dan Du Heaume / 078299 772204 / 01534 723519

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