Lived Experience Advisory Panel

We are pleased to announce that Dementia Jersey’s Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) is now active.

The panel has been brought together and run by our Dementia Advisors – Rachel, Sian & Clare. This Panel brings together people with dementia and others with lived experience of supporting or caring for a person with dementia, to discuss issues of significance related to living with a diagnosis of dementia. The Panel meets monthly, proceeds with a formal agenda, and because of its advisory purpose, the outcomes of discussions are documented and disseminated to inform, as appropriate; government departments, health and community service providers, businesses and other charities. Subjects of discussion will be broad and will be submitted by Panel members.

Click on the links below to read the full LEAP documents and for any furthter information

Email: info@dementia.je

Call: 01534 723519

December 2021

We’re in the process of finalising our content to share with you, check back soon to read up on further information on our December Leap session.